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Inventory is usually limited quantities and or limited edition. No guarantees on availability or restock. Often times once gone it can take months before available if ever again.  Most of our wheels are replica but also very rare in availability and at times more rare in numbers than the originals. Inventory updates often but restock is not guaranteed.

Advan RGII 15x6.5 4x100 M22k Gunmetal Grey full set

Advan RGII 15x6.5 4x100 M22k Gunmetal Grey full set

SKU: Rg3xgr15x7-4

Advan RGII wheel 15x6.5 +38 offset  cb(center bore)73 color M22kGunmetal Grey.


Actual wheels pictured.This wheel is a M22k gunmetal grey. Its an intresting color that is grey but at times in certain light has a blueish tint. My camera seems to pick it up very well but trust me  its dark grey most of the time. This is a set of the highest quality replica wheels same specifications of the original for much less. Don't think that just because these are replicas that they are junk cheap wheels I assure you they are not. I have 100% feedback on Ebay check for yourself. Honesty is the best policy and we stand by our products.  This is a beautiful set of wheels Imported, inspected, and safe for all road applications boxed in stock ready to ship. U.S seller I ship fast. If you like this style wheels make sure to check out my other wheels for sale.


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