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Inventory is usually limited quantities and or limited edition. No guarantees on availability or restock. Often times once gone it can take months before available if ever again.  Most of our wheels are replica but also very rare in availability and at times more rare in numbers than the originals. Inventory updates often but restock is not guaranteed.

Rays lugnuts black

Jdm Rays Dura Lug nuts m12x1.25


U.S. seller limited quantities in stock fast shipping!

 Quality set of rays dura style lug nuts Made by Dura-Nuts. set of 20 with key. Most of the Rays lug nut sets being sold are replica but double the price. If you are looking at a set and they look like the ones I'm selling they are most likely replica being sold as real.

TypeWheel Bolt & Nut, Lug Nuts
Material7075-T6 Aluminum
End TypeClosed End


Install by hand then torque to factory specifications using proper install pattern, Use of an impact is not recommended use an impact at your own discretion.


These lug nuts are made with a tapered bottom specificaly for aftermarket wheels. If you  attempt to use them on your factory wheels you do so at your own risk. We will not accept returns form buyers who attempt to use them on factory wheels or wheels not made for tapered bottom lug nuts. Please if considering these for factory wheels check that your factory lugnuts are also tapered. These lug nuts also do not fit on specialty wheels that require inverted lugs.  As sellers we cannot be held responsible for all buyers who are unaware of their own vehicles specifications as it is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure they are purchasing the correct lug nut for their application.